Jailed permasigned app installer for iOS 14.0 - 15.1.1 Release

TrollStore in a permasigned jailed app that can permanently install any IPA you open in it.


What is Trollstore?

Trollstore is an ios application through which you can bypass the appstore verification to sideload any app without any limitation and use them indefinitely. With Trollstore you are free from re-signing the app every 7 days.

Installation Guide (iOS 15.0 - 15.1.1)

Note: A9 devices are not supported by multicast_bytecopy

Note: The kernel exploit doesn’t work on some iPads currently, that will be looked into soon

  1. Download the TrollStore Installer IPA from the download button given below

  2. Install it to your device via your preferred method (AltStore / iOS App Signer / Sideloady / Whatever)

  3. Open the app and press the install button

  4. Wait

  5. If your phone reboots here, go back to 3.

  6. An alert should pop up when TrollStore installed successfully, click close and the app should exit

  7. If TrollStore is on home screen, start it, if not then reboot and it should appear afterwards, then start it

  8. Go into the settings tab, hit “Install l did” so TrollStore can install unsigned apps

  9. (Optional) Tap “Install Persistence Helper” and choose a system app you don’t need to use (e.g. Tips) in the list that appears, for more info on the persistence helper read below


Installation Guide (iOS 14)

Note: Needs jailbreak

  1. Download the TrollHelper deb from the download button given below (TrollHelper will most likely be published on Havoc repo shortly)

  2. Install it via Filza, Sileo or Zebra

  3. If the TrollHelper icon has appeared on your home screen, launch it, if not, run uicache and then it should appear, afterwards launch it

  4. Tap the “Install TrollStore” button

  5. After a second or so, your device will respring and TrollStore should be on your home screen, launch it

  6. Go into the settings tab, hit “Install ldid” so TrollStore can install unsigned apps

  7. DONE, you don’t need to install the persistence helper into a system app on iOS 14, TrollHelper is your persistence helper, it will persist through icon cache reloads and will work even when not jailbroken

How to install an app through TrollStore

  1. Download an IPA

  2. Open it in TrollStore

  3. Profit

Download TrollStore


Install TrollStore (No Jailbreak)

Notes on persistence helper

It is not possible to install new persistant “System” apps on /var, whenever the system decides to reload the icon cache, it will revert TrollStore and it’s installed apps back to “User” state which is bad because due to various circumstances, the TrollStore bug only affects “System” apps. When this happens, TrollStore and it’s apps will either disappear or no longer launch (App is unavailable error). This is where the persistence helper comes into play: It replaces a stock system app and that app will still be registered as “System” after the icon cache has been reloaded, therefore the persistence helper still launches and can be used to refresh the TrollStore app registrations so they’re back to system and launch again. There is an option to uninstall the persistence helper in both TrollStore and in the system app it replaced, but if that for whatever reason doesn’t work you can always uninstall the system app and reinstall it from AppStore and it will be back to stock.

Other notes

TrollStore has an OTA update mechanism, when a new version comes out you can download the TrollStore.tar file from GitHub and open it in TrollStore, it will update everything (including the persistence helper) and respring.

Dude this is amazing. I was already excited about the permasign news for iOS 14, but being able to do it on a modern, jailed iOS 15 phone is insane. Great job


Can confirm that this is working on an unjailbroken iPhone 8, A11 chip running on iOS 15.0. Was able to get an ipa working.Needless to say, this is magic.


This is damn huge !!! Thanks for the always great work for community. And special thanks to the developer for this amazing tool. This is such a life saver.