Installing TrollStore (TrollInstallerMDC) 15.5 arm64 – arm64e


TrollInstallerMDC is currently signed at for easy installation without a computer.

  • A device running iOS/iPadOS 15.0 to 15.7.1 or 16.0 to 16.1.2
  • The Tips app installed to your device
  • The latest version of Sideloadly
  • The latest version of iTunes if on Windows
  • The latest version of TrollInstaller

Installing the application

  1. Open Sideloadly
  2. Plug your iOS device into your computer
    • Make sure your computer is trusted and allowed to view the contents of your device
  3. Drag and drop the TrollInstallerMDC .ipa file into Sideloadly
  4. Enter in your Apple ID
  5. Enter in your password
    • Sideloadly must make a request to it’s servers in order to work with free developer accounts. If you are not OK with this, you may use an alternate Apple ID.

The app will now install to your iOS device.

Trusting the application

  1. Go to Settings -> General -> Device Management -> <Your Apple ID>
    • Depending on your usage, Device Management may be labeled Profiles and Device Management
  2. Tap Trust "<Your Apple ID>"

The TrollInstallerMDC application can now be opened from home screen.

If you’re on iOS 16.0 to 16.1.2, you’ll also need to enable Developer Mode.

To do so, go into Settings -> Privacy & Security and then scroll down until you see Developer Mode, tap that option, toggle Developer Mode on, and follow the on-screen instructions

Injecting TrollStore Helper

If you’ve already opened Tips, reboot your device before following these steps

  1. Open TrollInstallerMDC
  2. Once it says “Successfully replaced Tips binary”, try to open the Tips app
    • If it gives an error, close TrollInstallerMDC and re-open it

Installing TrollStore

  1. Unlock your device
  2. Open the Tips app
  3. Tap Install TrollStore

Your device should respring, and TrollStore should now be installed.

Installing Persistence Helper

  1. Open the TrollStore app on your home screen
  2. Press Settings, then press Install Persistence Helper
  3. Select Tips from the list of apps

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